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Contrast (Claro View)

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Claro View a simple software application that allows you to 'tint' your computer screen with a colour of your choice to make reading on-screen more comfortable. If you find that bright colours and stark white backgrounds are uncomfortable to read Claro View can help you.

Starting Claro View

To use Claro View follow these simple instructions (Internet Explorer only):
  • to start the Claro View contrast tool first click on the dixero icon on any page on this site to display the dixero toolbar
  • click the 'Contrast' icon and a dialogue box will appear (Internet Explorer only)

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  • click "Run"and the Claro View software will download

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  • the software will take a few seconds to download on a broadband connection, and a few minutes on a dial-up connection
  • you only have to download the software once per day and your settings will be remembered between uses
  • once the download is complete a new dialogue box will appear

image - Confirm contrast
  • click "Run" and the Claro View contrast tool will start

If you are using another web browser such as Firefox or Opera you will be prompted to download and save the Claro View programme file to your computer. Once the file has been downloaded, locate it on your computer and run it.

Using Claro View

Claro View is very easy to use and can be customised to suit your preferences. The first time you run the software your screen will be tinted with a light tone, and the Claro View window will be visible:

image - Claro View

Follow the instructions below to customise Claro View to your personal preferences. Your settings will be remembered when you exit Claro View so you only need to customise the tool once.

Changing the tint colour

  • to change the tint colour click one of the eight preset colours
image - Expand icon
  • to see more colour options click the expand arrows
  • you can select a colour from a wider palette, or define a precise colour by clicking the 'Define custom colours' button
image - Accept icon
  • to save your selection click the tick icon
image - Cancel icon
  • to cancel it click the cross icon

Changing the tint level

  • to change the tint level use the vertical tint control slider on the right-hand side of the Claro View window - the lower the setting the darker the tint will be

Getting more help

image - Contrast Help icon
  • if you need more help using Claro View please see the Claro View help file which can be accessed from the help menu in the Claro View window, or by clicking the 'help' icon

Exiting Claro View

  • to exit Claro View and turn off screen tinting just close the Claro View window

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