Dog fouling

If you are in charge of a dog, whether you are the owner or not, you must by law clean up after the dog has fouled in any public access area. This includes car parks, grass verges, recreation and sports grounds, parks, river walks, pavements and footpaths, gutters and carriageways, beaches. Failure to do so can result in a fixed penalty of £75 or a maximum fine of £1,000.

Report a dog fouling incident  

You can also download a copy of our dog fouling report leaflet (pdf 2.6MB), which is aimed at helping you to record information of dog fouling that you witness.

Dog bins

Although we don't have a statutory duty to provide dog litter bins or empty them, we do offer a number of dog bins across North Devon. These are emptied on a regular basis.

Find dog litter bins   

If you are dog walking in the district where there is no nearby dog litter bin, please double bag it and place it in a normal litter bin, or take it home with you.