Please note that an event has been arranged for potential Candidates considering standing for the District Council Elections in May 2015 and will be held on Tuesday 10th February 2015 at 6.30 pm in the Taw Room.

The aim of the event is to provide candidates with an opportunity to clarify and discuss the implications of becoming a Councillor.

It is proposed that the following topics will be covered at the event:

  1. NDC Services and how they are delivered (facts and figures, Council finances and financial challenges)
  2. Role of a Councillor (working with the community, role of a Councillor, relationship between Members and officers, party politics)
  3. Role of Officers
  4. Democratic arrangements (Leader/Executive model and committee structure and roles, time commitment required for attending and preparing for meetings, Members Code of Conduct and declaration/publication of interests (and of spouses), publication of personal information)
  5. Nomination and Election timetable/process
  6. Annual Council and Member induction programme
  7. Support provided to Members (IT, Member Development Programme, briefings, officer support provided, members allowances, Members Room)

Some existing Non-Executive Councillors will be attending the event to give their perspective on the role of a Councillor and how they balance both work and Council commitments.

This event will be publicised later in the year, but would be grateful if in the meantime you could please publicise this event if you are aware of anyone who is interested in standing for the District Council Elections in May 2015.

Member Services