We are committed to providing the best customer service we can. We aim to do this by following the standards laid out below, making sure we treat all our customers fairly, by meeting their needs.

When you use our services we will:
  • always be courteous and polite
  • be open and honest and explain our decisions
  • respond to the diverse needs of our customers, adapting our approach as needed
  • make our correspondence and information easy to understand
  • let you know the person you are dealing with
  • publish how we are performing on our website
  • listen to your feedback, apologise if things go wrong and do our best to put things right (please see our feedback procedure)
Our aim is to:
  • have easily accessible offices, with private interview rooms, wherever possible - please discuss your needs with our staff
  • regularly review our working practices to ensure we are always offering the best service
  • answer phone calls promptly (where possible within 20 seconds)
  • resolve queries or respond to letters and emails within 10 working days
  • see personal callers who have made an appointment within 5 minutes of the arranged appointment time
In return, we expect you to:
  • treat us with respect - we will not be able to help you if you are aggressive, threatening, violent or use bad language
  • provide any documentation relating to your enquiry, as required
  • bring a friend to help you or ask for a translator if needed – we may need to make an appointment to provide this service
  • keep your appointment time, or let us know, with as much notice as possible, if you cannot make a pre-arranged appointment
We are making these commitments to meet your needs and expectations so we can create services we can be proud of.