In October 2016, a team from the Local Government Association carried out a 'Corporate Peer Challenge' to assess how well the council is doing against delivering its corporate objectives of organisational transformation and economic growth.

The LGA published a report which highlights:

  • we are an ambitious council and we need to make sure we prioritise all the projects we are embarking on to make sure we have the capacity to deliver
  • we have strong managerial and political leadership which has helped to see us through the severe government budget cuts
  • we have committed staff who are committed and enthusiastic
  • we need to put more work into developing our second corporate priority of economic growth so everyone knows what the vision is and how we will deliver it

We are pleased with the final report as we feel it is an accurate reflection of where we are and gives us some good advice on where to go moving forwards.

We are now working with LGA to see how they can support us with some of the work we have to do. The first piece of work will be a workshop for all members and relevant officers to look at our vision for our economic growth agenda and launch a council-wide project to deliver it.