As part of the Council’s responsibilities under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, we will be providing datasets of information in a re-usable format. As well as showing accountability to the public, it is hoped that developers will be encouraged to re-use the data in new products and applications to create business opportunities and drive economic growth.

The datasets will be saved in csv format to facilitate re-use. They are all to be issued under the appropriate Open Government Licence (OGL). When re-using the information, you will be required to attribute to North Devon District Council and include the date of publication on our website, as required.


Payments to suppliers


HR information and datasets

Business Rates

Non-domestic rates information for occupied and unoccupied properties - updated quarterly


New claims and changes in circumstance

Grants and funding

Town and Parish funding 

Councillor grants


Food hygiene ratings

PPC register of part A1, A2 and B prescribed processes - uploaded April 2015 (CSV 9kb)

Food safety samples - updated every 6 months (currently being updated)(CSV 6kb)

Public health funerals - updated monthly (CSV 9.6KB)

Noise complaints (since January 2009) - updated annually (April) (CSV 2.9mb)


Datasets relating to youth homelessness, rough sleepers and temporary accommodation

Information Technology

External hosting - updated annually (uploaded 12 February 2015) (CSV 5kb)

Hardware maintenance contracts - updated annually (uploaded 26 November 2015) (CSV 2kb)


Election results

Members' allowances

Members' attendance

Councillor development - updated annually (to be next updated in April 2016 as no training was provided between June 2014 to the elections in May 2015 (CSV 1kb)

Members' Register of Interests

Council assets

Asset register - updated annually (uploaded 10 June 2015) (CSV 32kb)

Vacant, unused or underused land in NDC remit - updated annually (uploaded August 2015) (CSV 775kb)

Vacant land and properties owned by NDC - updated annually (uploaded August 2015) (CSV 2kb)

Commercial property or land owned by NDC used for investment or other purposes -updated annually (uploaded 2 October 2015) (CSV 5kb)

Car park  

Parking enforcement and penalty charge notices

Ilfracombe harbour water usage 2011-2013 (currently being updated)(uploaded 5 August 2014) (CSV 1kb)


Project register


Details of Non Domestic Rates FOI Requests received between 1 August 2013 - 30 November 2015 (uploaded 1 December 2015) (CSV 61kb) - updated quarterly. To be updated and re-published, 1 February 2016


Public register of business licences - This is a link to a separate page on the Council's website

Surrendered premises licences under the Licensing Act 2003 - updated annually (CSV 12kb)

List of licensed caravan sites - updated quarterly (last updated 5 August 2015) (CSV 5kb

Planning, development and building control

Building control self-certification schemes (CSV 4.14mbPlease note: this file is constantly updated as information is received most days. The information is provided by third parties so we are unable to verify its accuracy. If you have any queries regarding the information contained in the file please contact the schemes direct.

Solar PV consents - updated annually (uploaded April 2015) (CSV 5kb)

Wind turbine consents - updated annually (uploaded April 2015) (CSV 6kb)

Waste and recycling

Recycling rates (2005/06 to quarter 4 2014/15) - updated annually (CSV 1kb)

Fixed penalty notices (2010/11 to 2014/15) - updated annually (CSV 1.2kb)


If you experience difficulties in accessing any of the information please contact Legal Services at 01271 388262 or email