1 April 2014-31 March 2015

All prices include VAT where applicable.

Cremation fees

Cremation fees Fee
Adult (over the age of 16 years)* £600.00
Child (up to the age of 16 years)* No Fee
Cremation delivery fee or walk through/no service (before 9.00am) £490.00
30 minute service time extension £87.00
Use of chapel for memorial service for 30 minutes including organist £154.00
Charge for service over run £137.00


The cremation fee includes:

  • use of chapel, waiting room etc
  • services of Chapel Attendant, organist
  • medical referee’s fee
  • disposal of cremated remains in gardens (unwitnessed)


Containers Fee
Cardboard casket £10.00
Polytainer £10.00
Scatter tube £20.00
Metal urn £35.00
Keepsake Tube £10.00


Burial of cremated remains

Burial of cremated remains Fee
Attendance fee to witness the burial of ashes £34.00
Placement fee when returned 12 months or more following cremation £49.00
Placement fee when cremation took place elsewhere £98.00
Temporary deposit per month after the first month £15.00


Memorials Fee
Sanctum - an above ground vault for up to two sets of ashes, with inscribed plaque including 10 year lease period £950.00
Standard rose/climbing plant including 10 year lease period £240.00
Rose bush/shrub including 10 year lease period £225.00
Granite vase block with inscribed plaque including 5 year lease period £220.00
Bench plaque including 5 year lease period £200.00
Inscribed granite plaque on the Memorial Tower including 10 year lease period £190.00
Inscribed circular disc for granite mushroom including 5 year lease period £165.00
Dartington Crystal vase with inscription £95.00
Inscribed brass leaf shaped plaque for the Memorial Branch including 5 year lease period £70.00


Plaques Fee
Acrylic £53.00
Bronze £117.00

Book of remembrance 

You can arrange for an entry to be place in the book of remembrance on any date you choose. All entries are inscribed by hand including the emblems. The book of remembrance is available to view every day on the respective date. There is also an electronic version of the book should you wish to view alternative dates.

You can also purchase a hand inscribed replica copy of your entry presented in a beautiful keepsake card.

Book of remembrance Fee Keepsake card
2 lines £46.00 £38.00
5 lines £75.00 £46.00
8 lines £98.00 £64.00
5 lines and emblem £134.00 £94.00
8 lines and emblem £152.00 £108.00


Renewals Length Fee
Granite vase block 5 year renewal £120.00
Rose bush/shrub 10 year lease £225.00
Rose bush/shrub 5 year lease £120.00
Rose bush/shrub 1 year lease £27.00
Standard rose/climber/tree 10 year lease £240.00
Standard rose/climber/tree 5 year lease £130.00
Standard rose/climber/tree 1 year lease £30.00

Bird box

Bird box Fee
5 year renewal £80.00
1 year renewal £22.00


Miscellaneous fees Category Fee
Bird bath/sundial 5 year renewal £167.00
Posy vase 1 year renewal £46.00

Phillips memorial

Bird box Fee
5 year renewal £80.00
1 year renewal £22.00


Please note:

  • All memorials are subject to availability
  • All ashes are buried loosely in the ground

Please ask at the crematorium reception for other options and bespoke memorials