If you are in the business of breeding and selling dogs, then you need a dog breeding licence.

If you keep bitches at any premises in North Devon and they give birth to five or more litters during a 12 month period, regardless of whether you are in the business of breeding and selling dogs, you must also obtain a licence.

Apply for a dog breeding licence (pdf 83KB)

You will also need to:

If a vet inspection is necessary, you will also be required to pay their fees.

Application forms with the correct fees should be addressed to the Licensing team and sent to the council address, or you can hand them in at one of our offices.


Standard conditions (pdf 30KB) are attached to a dog breeding licence. Please ensure you follow these conditions, and any others that may be set out when granting the licence, alongside legislation relevant to this area. 

Keeping records

You must keep a record for each breeding bitch, following a specific format and layout.

Records must be available for inspection by a Licensing officer or vet. As set out in the law, an officer or vet has a right of entry to inspect your premises at any reasonable time.