Supporting Small Businesses Relief was introduced by the government on 1 April 2017 to help those affected by an increase in rateable value in the 2017 revaluation. 

If you are a small business facing increased rate bills as a result of the loss of small business or rural rate relief following the 2017 revaluation, this scheme could help you.

The scheme will apply for a maximum of five years. Affected businesses will not be expected to pay an increase in their bill of more than £600 during 2017/18 and then a further increase of £600 per year for the following four years.

Relief will be automatically applied each year that you are eligible to receive it. This could be every year for the five years or could end sooner if the bill amount without the relief is reached.

If you are eligible for this relief we will automatically apply it to your bill and write to you. You will need to sign a declaration to confirm you are entitled to receive it.

If you think you might qualify for Supporting Small Business Relief but you have not heard from us, please contact the business rates team online or call 01271 388361.