• Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe
  • Bear Street, Barnstaple

Please find below cemetery charges as from 1 April 2017.

Please note, the following fees apply only to people who live in the North Devon Council area.

An additional fee of 100 percent is payable by all persons who live outside the district.

Burial fees

Burial fees Fee
Initial burial - 16 years of age and over £589.00
Subsequent burial - 16 years of age and over £495.00
Burial of cremated remains £80.00
Burial of a child up to 2 years of age No fee
Burial of a child from 2 years to 16 years £158.00

Fees to purchase the exclusive right of burial for 30 years, which include the right to erect a memorial

Exclusive right of burial fees for 30 years Fee
For an adults grave  £547.00
For a cremated remains grave £187.00
For a child's grave £150.00
Administration fee in respect of transferring of rights £35.00

 *Please note the pre-reservation of a grave plot is only available at Bear Street Cemetery 

Memorial fees where rights were purchased before 1 April 2016

Memorials Fee
To erect a headstone only £75.00
To place a tablet or vase £51.00

Additional fees

Additional fees Fee
To add an additional inscription to a monument £30.00
Use of chapel per 30 minutes £35.00
For searching Register of Burials for one year £35.00
For searching Register of Burials for each additional year £35.00
For a certified copy of an entry in the Register of Burials £35.00