Find out when your next waste and recycling collections are:

Please make sure your bins, bags and boxes are at the kerbside before 7am on the day of your collections.

Changes to your collection days - we're very sorry to say that we think we've sent some letters with incorrect information about collection days on them. This was due to an internal error. We are re-sending letters to those affected. This page now has the CORRECT information so please put your postcode in to find out when your next collections are.

Kerbside caddies update - unfortunately there are a few pockets of North Devon who haven't received their kerbside caddies yet. We hope to mop them all up this week. If you haven't had yours by your normal recycling day, put your food waste in your green or black bin this week, whichever is due.

Calendars - unfortunately, we are not able to offer longer term, downloadable calendars at the moment. It is something we are working on and hope to provide in the near future.

If your search shows no results, it may be that you are a resident in the Torridge District Council or Mid Devon District Council areas instead.