Welcome to our Recycle More trial area questionnaire. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Why North Devon Council are doing these trials?

The trials are part of North Devon Council’s larger plans relating to the delivery of our waste and recycling service.  This includes improving our weekly recycling collection service by primarily rolling out weekly food waste recycling to all homes, as well as introducing a chargeable green garden waste service.

Together, these changes will help us towards meeting three specific aims:

  • To increase the amount and type of recyclable materials that we can collect every single week
  • To meet national recycling targets – 50 percent of all household waste to be recycled by 2020 (we currently recycle 44 percent)
  • To reduce the cost of the overall service – we need to meet our financial savings target of at least 340,000 pounds

The Trial

The trial started in June 2017.  As part of the trial area you have received:

  • A new weekly food waste collection
  • An unlimited recycling collection – including cardboard
  • A three-weekly black bin collection for anything that can’t be recycled and therefore has to go to landfill

We undertook a survey prior to the trial commencing and would now welcome your feedback on the trial to enable a decision to be made on whether or not to roll the trial out across the whole of North Devon.

Your feedback will help us provide the very best service that we can to you. 

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