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Changes in your personal circumstances may change the amount of benefit you are entitled to.

Please use this form to tell us if something has changed in your circumstances. We don't want you to have to pay back benefits at a later date and you may even be entitled to more benefits.

Please see examples of the type of changes we will need to know.



  • an increase or decrease in pension
  • an increase or decrease in any other state benefits
  • an increase or decrease in earnings
  • an increase or decrease to the amount of savings you have
  • if you cease to qualify for income support
  • if you now qualify for any other benefits or allowances
  • if your Jobseekers Allowance ceases
  • an increase or decrease in the tax credits you receive

accommodation details

  • if you change your accommodation
  • if your rent alters
  • if you start to share with someone

household details

  • if your children leave school
  • if you or your partner are in hospital for more than six weeks
  • if you have an addition to your family
  • if someone leaves your household

The personal information you provide will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.